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その4 地域との連携

 In this project, we nurture the human resources and organizations necessary for the building of a sustainable society and develop environmental learning materials through communication and the ecomuseum network, as explained earlier.

 Specifically, we are planning to conduct activities such as the making of local environment maps, volunteer nature conservation activities, eco-tours, field tours, and experiential learning such as the making of traditional products. Deliverables produced in the process of learning (such as maps and local guide books) may be used as teaching materials for local learning in school education, especially for comprehensive learning.

 Furthermore, we will hold lectures and seminars on various themes including ecomuseums and bioregions and create places for local people and students of Tokyo Gakugei University to learn together. In addition, we are planning to host local exchange forums and study tours.

 Field Studies Institute for Environmental Education will play a central role in conducting such activities.

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