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その2 プロジェクトの目的

 One of the objectives of this project is the improvement of environmental learning skills in the training course for students who want to be teachers. In the field of education today, “hours for comprehensive studies” have already been implemented to link the various knowledge students acquired in the learning of each subject and to nurture the ability to think comprehensively. However, at present, there are few concrete programs that focus on local area and development and provisions for such programs is a necessity.

 Our project not only aims at yielding valuable results directly from the field of education in the form of environmental learning materials, but also places emphasis on partnerships with stakeholders of each local area, considering them as a mechanism to support school and social education in each local area.

 The reason for this is that our students will need to collaborate with local stakeholders, who are familiar with the local environment, when conducting experiential learning programs and/or exploratory learning programs for environmental studies they plan in each local area as future school teachers.

 Furthermore, environmental learning may spread nationwide if an educational university such as ours shows an example of it.

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